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"While it is only my opinion that Spicer is going to be the next member of the Nashville royal family, it certainly helps my argument that I’m not the only critic saying as much.”  -No Depression

"No matter how many new albums are still to come before we make it  to the end of 2017, it’s gonna take a doozy of a challenger to knock Amilia K Spicer’s "Fill Me Up” off the top of my list of the most beautiful songs of the year." - Lone Star Magazine

"Wow and Flutter" certainly makes it worth the wait for longtime admirers;

it’s also a compelling entry point for new fans and one of the best albums,

any genre, of the past decade. " -PopDose

"Fill Me Up"...10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing- NPR

"One of the indie scene’s truly titanic talents…”  - Vents Magazine

"Wow and Flutter" is like a grainy celluloid playback of daydreams

behind closed eyes."-  Guitar Girl Magazine    

"It's collections like this that seem to mark her for posterity." - Skope


"Spicer renders her listeners transfixed...

Rustic twang with smokey, seductive vocals"- Music Connection Magazine

"Spicer's sublime "Train Wreck" is so pretty you instantly knew why she has become such a darling of NPR radio in recent days.  - No Depression

"Lightning" VIDEO REVIEW - AUGUST 2017:

"Mesmerizing.  Nothing short of sublime" - AXS


"6 Mod Songs You Just Gotta Play for Christmas"

"Occasionally, someone like Spicer emerges out of the lists of names, stacks of CD's,

and pages of emails that is like finding a pearl in a boatload of oysters."-

David Arnsberger, Sun Radio

"A fearless performer... in bars, at folk festivals, in house concert settings and in venues

surrounded by classical musicians, Spicer has something smart to say."

- San Antonio Express-News


"Intimate and Dreamy"

- Los Angeles Times


"We got to hear the angelic voice of Amilia K. Spicer, who did a terrific set before adding her uniquely special touch on background vocals. I love her song "Train Wreck.”

-  Michael Granberry, Dallas Morning News


"A formidable singer, songwriter and pianist... With a voice that ranges from

soaring to smoky, a keen observational lyricism and an innate talent for

accessible melodies, this gifted young artist seems destined to gain wider acclaim."

- Flint Journal


"My favorite "Latest find" as to a songwriter/writer."

David Arnsberger, Sun Radio, Austin, TX


"One might argue that there’s no such thing as low rent in Austin anymore,

but we’ll take these self-deprecating superheroes at any price.

Singer-songwriters Ray Bonneville, Gurf Morlix and Sam Baker

all have considerable credentials on their own and have teamed up in various projects;

the ringer is Amilia K. Spicer, a Los Angeles folk-rocker whose surname personifies

the ingredient she should add to this afternoon guitar pull."

-Austin-Statesman, Peter Blackstock (Re: Low Rent Superheroes, 2014)




"Each song is directed like a film that jumps off the wide screen to capture its audience.

She has the ability to write songs that vividly paint descriptive characters and plots, rich

in literary detail and poetic imagery."

- Performing Songwriter


"With her latest CD, Seamless, Amilia k spicer offers up a full course of eloquent

songs and riveting performances."

- Music Connection Magazine


"Seamless is a plush peach of an album. Amilia draws you in for a bite with her

silky voice and carefully crafted lyrics. Recommended."

- Sing Out! Magazine


"This one really is, a seamless, expert country/folk/pop crossover recording

that I just have to recommend ...

quality tells, in this case a very smooth, sometimes silky, sometimes swaggering recording with high production values."

- John McLaughlin, WMUC-FM "Roots and Branches"


"Seamless is a Gem. Spicer knows her way around a lyric - smart, insightful, sparse in the best way, nothing there that doesn't absolutely belong. She backs that up with strong melodies and a beautiful voice."

- Bill Morrissey


"If you think Like an Engine was good, wait until you get an earful of Seamless. Spicer is a formidable talent with a unique and courageous style."

- New Texas Magazine


"Seamless, like Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge over Troubled Water, sucks you in and doesn't let go until the

last note ."

- Flint Journal


"Her songs are little mood pieces ... intelligent, insightful, moody music that flows ... all sung in her clean and

slightly husky voice."

- Dirty Linen Magazine


"Her distinctively charming voice is strong and playful. She effectively mixes several styles of music in one package.

It's a terrific collection."

- Singer Magazine


"She has such a nice voice I'm happy to hear her sing anything. The songs are well-written... The production of the

album is first class as well... you owe it to yourself to check out Amilia K. Spicer."

- Collected Sounds


"It’s atmospheric and well voiced.... a perfect harmony with the intrinsic instrumentation. Very intriguing and

captivating from start to finish."



"Very good, moody female vocalist - great songs, downbeat pop. Brilliantly produced."

- Hybridmagazine


"Seamless is a spellbinder. As on Like a Engine, the songs are unabashedly sensual...Spicer's lustfulness reveals itself so delicately and smartly that Seamless works both as sultry accompaniment to a summer meal and raging therapy with the power to quell some love-aggression."



"This is a woman who can sing like an angel... Buy all her albums."

- Roctober Magazine


" She paints pictures so vividly...I love this stuff.  I want to meet her. I want to pick her brain and find out where this stuff comes from."

- the MusesMuse


"With a stunning and angelic voice, Spicer delivers intelligent pop gems as finely crafted as anything we have heard."





"Startlingly good...this is an impressive debut, and one that deserves to be heard."

- Sing Out! Magazine


"The Like an Engine CD is a masterpiece. The songs convey a sense of musical grandeur honed to perfection with a razor-sharp edginess... One can easily imagine viewing the tales of these tunes through a film director's editing machine."

- Jim Guyette, WRUW-FM, 91.1, Cleveland


"She is a pianist and poetic, sensual - often erotic lyricist."



"There's something about Spicer's delivery that is reminiscent of a French chanteuse in a smoky, candle-lit cafe ... her husky voice rolls languorously, building and releasing between breaks like slow love at summer sunset. In its own quiet way, it refuses to be played as background music. Many of Spicer's lyrics are worth hearing as poetry, sometimes painful, sometimes playful."

- Monterey Coast Weekly


"Intimate and seductive songs, Like an Engine is hauntingly gorgeous, just a plaintive piano and Spicer's moody, husky voice."

- Monterey Herald


"Amilia is like coffee in the morning... Rich, dreamy and addictive."

- Get Fancy! Magazine


"The voice and lyrics of Amilia K Spicer slip into your conciousness like a seductive lover..."

- Songtalk Magazine (National Academy of Songwriters)


"In the wistful tradition of Ricki Lee Jones, Singer-Songwriter Amilia can seduce your eardrums in thirty seconds max."



"Amilia is a sensually poetic singer, songwriter and pianist who is also smart, edgy and intimate!"

- BlackRock Center for the Performing Arts


"Amilia played Main Stage at Kerrville last year and captivated the audience. She has a dusky delivery style and plays the piano with superb style...I could listen to her solo all night and continue to be enchanted. She has the manner of a sprite, and the wit of an elf. Don’t miss her."

- Vic Heyman, Vic's Music Corner


"With her musky, come-hither voice and her impish facial expressions, she is a delightful performer."

- Sing Out! Magazine


"A haunting yet heavenly body of talent that reaches far beyond the clouds."

- Merl Saunders


Other Reviews:


"There's also a stellar lineup of folk and pop artists involved, from guitar virtuoso/composer Brooks Williams to L.A. pop thrush Amilia Spicer.... Spicer's pristine vocals add a luminescence to opening track "Your Imagination""

- Barnes and Noble review of "Making God Smile"


"She has really got IT"

- David Tamulevich


"Amilia is a real charmer, bright-eyed and intelligent. She has two superb albums."

- Vic Heyman, Vic's Music Corner

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