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A seriously gifted songwriter ... A timeless brand-new Americana classic” –   American Songwriter Magazine

“On stage, Spicer renders her listeners transfixed” - Music Connection

It may be her haunting, husky voice that first grabs a listener, the way it glides over melodies like smoke, but it’s the songwriting that Spicer really wants you to hear. Her songs have a grit- even when they ache. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, currently residing in California, wanderlust spills from her songs, with topography that covers languid farmlands, quirky roadside stops, and an occasional turn down a dark alley with flickering neon. 

Influenced by Texas Troubadors, Tibetan mountain tops, and Hollywood bars, the dichotomy of shadow and light, small town wonder with a keen edge, are in the sonics. Or, as she might say with a slight drawl: “Water, wine and whiskey”. 

Given the cinematic scenes of her music, it should surprise no one that Spicer pursued a career in film before music became her muse, and has directed the three music videos currently released with singles from her current release, “Wow and Flutter”. “Harlan” follows her to the Kentucky birthplace of her father, intertwined with Pennsylvania landscapes. Critically acclaimed releases "Fill Me Up" and "Lightning" preceded, the latter of which was shot mostly underwater in hotel pools while touring. 

AXS said of the “Lightning” video: “Mesmerizing... Reminiscent of the work of songstress and music video innovator Lana Del Rey, it's a testament to the notion that DIY methods can produce some extraordinary results." 

No Depression exclaimed: “While it is only my opinion that Spicer is going to be the next member of the Nashville Royal family, it certainly helps my argument that I’m not the only critic saying as much."

Spicer was celebrated by the Los Angeles Music Awards, named “Best Americana Artist”, and has performed at venues and festivals all over the country, including the Kerrville Folk Festival, WoodyFest, 30A, Americanafest, and the Kennedy Center. 

Her most recent album, Wow and Flutter, has made many critics’ best-of lists, and was lauded as one of the best albums, any genre, in the last decade by Popdose Magazine.

She is currently in the studio recording a new album, with a single release summer, 2023.


"Wow and Flutter" certainly makes it worth the wait for longtime admirers; it’s also a compelling entry point for new fans and one of the best albums, any genre, of the past decade. "

- PopDose

"A fearless performer... in bars, at folk festivals, in house concert settings and in venues

surrounded by classical musicians, Spicer has something smart to say."

- San Antonio Express-News

"While it is only my opinion that Spicer is going to be the next member of the Nashville royal family, it certainly helps my argument that I’m not the only critic saying as much.” 

- No Depression

"A formidable singer, songwriter and pianist... With a voice that ranges from soaring to smoky, a keen observational lyricism and an innate talent for accessible melodies, this gifted young artist seems destined to gain wider acclaim."

- Flint Journal

"One of the indie scene’s truly titanic talents…” 

- Vents Magazine

"A seriously gifted songwriter... a timeless brand-new Americana classic"

- American Songwriter Magazine

"As long as artists like Amilia K Spicer are making angelically simple and stirring songs like this, there still might be hope for the great American soundtrack."

- No Depression




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