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Amilia K Spicer Newsletter: All The Spice, Zero Calories

“A seriously gifted songwriter”- American Songwriter Magazine

Hello Good Folks!

I hope your 2023 is going swimmingly!

It's been a long time since I've sent one of these things, which I do believe is what I say every time I send one ; ). Still working on acquiring a few body doubles who like to juggle, but in the interim it's just me here, sweeping the shop, and making the records.

I want to say THANK YOU for being with me on this journey. I'm very grateful. It'll be impossible to cover all AKS happenings over the last stretch, so I'll just jump in with the big headline:

I'm opening for The Smithereens on March 31 at VERSOFest in Connecticut! AND I'll be teaching a songwriting MasterClass the following day. This is a super rad festival, and I'm looking forward to it! I'll be joined on guitar by the great Chris Masterson (Steve Earle, Lucinda).

“A Rising Star”- VersoFest

Click here for tickets

Rewinding a bit- 2023 started with a new and rewarding adventure.

I spent the first few weeks of January in Pennsylvania, taking photo stills on a film set. More details about this wonderful project and team in the coming months!

And speaking of photographs, I am selling prints of my other work!

Please get in touch if you'd like more information. You can see some of my photos on my website, but I have many more which will be hopefully up on a dedicated site soon.


I'm so happy to be spending time in Joshua Tree again.

It's such a magical place, and it had been almost 3 years since I'd stayed out there. But- my trips have resumed, and my soul is happy. I've played shows, sung with many great artists, and just soaked in the inspiration.



I've been busy recording a new album in Los Angeles, and heck - I work on it everywhere, so it's already well-traveled.

I started this baby during lockdown, which meant limited access to studios, engineers, etc. And - despite the back-to-normal world now, I have mostly continued along that odd path. Very new way (for me) to make a record, but it's pretty interesting, and other than the constant YouTubing of tech tutorials, it's fun. But slow. But fun; ).

I DO have a few awesome guests upon it, and will be adding to that list, so stay tuned. I think it's weird and cool (!?). Can't wait for you to hear it.


Aside from the many projects I have my paws in currently, I will be launching a way for YOU to be an insider in the next few months.

OOOH so many mysteries!

  • March 31: VersoFest - CT

  • April 22: Progressive Voices - IA

  • May: Nashville - TN, Topanga - CA

  • August 17: Jacaranda Veranda - CA

  • August 26: Copper Penny House Concert - DC

More shows en route.

“On stage, Spicer renders her listeners transfixed”- Music Connection

Much Love,

Amilia K Spicer


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