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Spicy Salutations (It's Been A While!) and Americanafest 2021

Howdy, lovely folks!

It’s been a while! Good thing nothing much has been happening in the world in the last year or so…

I do hope you all are healthy and happy and navigating the crazypants headlines. And even though it might have seemed quiet over here in AKS-land during the lockdown, I HAVE been quite busy creating things on my own little planet where penguins serve drinks, and puppies make the law.

I did several livestream events, benefits, and backyard concerts. The most recent livestream was in July with Lisa Loeb, for The Beachlife Festival. I’m 30 minutes in once the video starts. Lisa, who was just lovely, follows.

Otherwise, I’ve been in headphones a lot, writing and recording music, shooting and editing video, and stirring a magical pot of dreamy things. I am excited for the day I can release these wild creatures into the world! I’ll tell you more about those creations and timeline in the next email, now that I’m back on the grid. (Mostly).

But right NOW, I mostly wanted to send a wave, and let you know I’m heading to Nashville next week for Americanafest! It’ll be my first big return to a big music event, and I sure hope I remember how to 1. Talk to people and 2. Play for people. I had an Official Showcase at City Winery the last time Americanafest happened (2019), and even got to play TV host for a hot second for the fab DittyTV.

THIS year, I’m not only playing my own sets, but will be on stage with my new side project, called “The Wild West”! This is a rad group of lasses, 6 singer/songwriter brought together during the pandemic. You can check us out HERE.

In other news- I have a slightly broken toe (too much dancing barefoot), and slightly green hair (too much swimming), but if you know me, you know that I’m always ready for too much fun.

If you will be in Nashville during Americanafest, please come by one of these amazing shows! All shows are with talented friends, so click on links for more deets!

*Please note: All shows are COVID compliant, and require proof of vaccination, a negative test, and masks.

Thursday, September 23rd:

The California Country Show & Prickly Pear Present:

The Buzz at Dee’s Cocktail Lounge

AKS mini set from 3:45 - 3:55pm Learn more about it HERE.

Friday, September 24th:

The California Country Show:

An Official Americanafest Event at ACME Feed & Seed

Another awesome lineup, and I’ll be on with my gals,

The Wild West at 12:55pm.

Learn more about it HERE.

Saturday, September 25th:

The California Country Show Presents:

West Coast Turnaround at The Bowery Vault

Hosted by Ted Russell Kamp

AKS - 5 song set at 12:00pm.

Learn more about it HERE.

Saturday, September 25th:

Magnolia Roads Presents:

American Roots Saturday and Backyard Campfire Sessions

at Dee’s Cocktail Lounge

I play my own set AND with The Wild West!

The Wild West -1:50pm - 2:30p indoor stage.

AKS acoustic set -5:00pm - 5:25pm outdoor stage.

Learn more about it HERE.

Hope to see some of you in Nashville!

For the rest of you- I’m BACK, baby! And lots of great things are cookin’. Much love and light- Amilia K Spicer

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